1 Person

Solo Sauna

1 Person

Solo Sauna

1 Person Sauna

The Solo system is the original sauna-for-one.

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The Solo System sauna delivers clinical-grade far-infrared heat that is proven to raise core body temperature and induce a deep, healthy sweat.

Flexible and portable, the Solo System is ideal for anyone with limited space who wants clinical-grade heating and the benefits of a regular sauna routine.

By combining the gentle Solocarbon heating in the solo domes with the plush comfort of the SoloPad, the Solo System delivers 360⁰ surround heat – the hardest part is staying awake!

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All measurements shown in centimeters.

The Solo domes and the Solo Pad (the two elements of the solo system sauna), both plug into a standard, 13A power point. Installation takes just a few minutes. The Solo System ships fully-assembled – all you need to do is screw on the wooden base runners and plug it in!

240 Volts
1920 Watts
8 Amps

All Sunlighten saunas have international electrical certification.

Haven't heard of infrared heating?

If you're new to infrared heating, click here to learn more with our easy infographic!

Solocarbon™ heating technology delivers the Sunlighten sauna experience.

Solocarbon™ heating is the most important innovation in any Sunlighten sauna. Independent researchers and health professionals have conducted many tests on this technology. It has been proven to deliver the exact infrared output recommended.
This consistency of infrared heat means Sunlighten saunas can deliver various health benefits. Our saunas also offer a more consistent and comfortable sauna experience. Steady, gentle heat, with no cool patches and no burning hot spots – safe and effective infrared heat throughout your session.