Unique Innovations

Sunlighten have pioneered 20+ innovations. These represent the gold standard in infrared sauna design and technology internationally.

Heating Technology
  • Independently tested Solocarbon™ infrared heating
  • Customisable full-spectrum infrared heating
  • Side and floor heaters
  • Low-EMF heaters
Cabin construction
  • Corner cabin design
  • Basswood hypoallergenic timber
  • Ergonomically designed removable bench seating
  • MagneSeal magnetic assembly
  • Full length tempered glass doors
  • Bamboo carbon heater covers
  • Timber sourced from sustainably managed forests
Sauna enhancements and features
  • Access your sauna anywhere via desktop, mobile or tablet
  • Interior CD,DVD player
  • Pre-set timers and scheduling function
  • Quick-start pre-heating
  • Six pre-set wellness programs
  • Android-powered touchscreen
  • Remote control Chromotherapy lighting
  • SoSound acoustic resonance therapy
  • Integrated Biofeedback accessories
  • Multi-user programming

*Please note: Not all features listed are available in all infrared sauna models.